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    The Largest Specialized Lift Rental Company, Project Implementation at Height in Iran

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    Advice and Counseling for Projects at Height in All Part of Iran with Safest Man Lift

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    YASHAMACHINE | Mobile Man Lift Rental Center in Iran | Tel : +982144525275

Lift Rental Services

YashaMachine | Lift Rental Services

YashaMachine is the first and largest specialized lift rental company in Iran. We are ready to provide lift rental services in Tehran and other parts of the country with utilizing the most modern lifting equipment.

Our experts are ready to give advice on choosing the right lift for our valued customers and in the shortest time possible we provide the lift according your needs, which is one of the safest and most specialized lift equipments in the country.


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Our Service

In the following cases we are ready to contracts with government agencies, private companies and individuals:

Security Systems

Carry out project of security systems, CCTV cameras, installation of fire protection systems at height with man lift.

Civil Services

110/5000 Cabling, replacement and installation of lighting on poles, lighting of passages and buildings and installation of billboards.

Photography & Filming

Services related to filming and photography of ceremonies, occasions and parades at height with using mobile man lift.


Painting buildings and industrial niches and beautifying project of urban roads and highways by wall paintings and murals.

Landscape Engineering

Plowing and pruning trees and projects related to urban green space and designing green spaces at height with lift equipments.

Building facades

Cleaning and maintenance of the facade of the building, the implementation of glass facade, building lighting and building services.

Our Projects

Some of accomplished project by YashaMachine

Safety at Height

Inspection of refinery equipment - Assaluye

Rent Lift

Inspection of refinery equipment - Assaluye

Yashamachine present type of articulating lift, vertical lift, push arounds, scissor lifts and telehandlers for rent. The company's rental lifts are offer daily, weekly, monthly, and can be used by our dear customers. Customers can use leased lifts for work at a height from 6 meters to 43 meters. Rental rates are based on the length of lift equipments, geographic location, environmental conditions and the type of application. Call our experts if you need any lift equiments.

Rental lift are ready to work at height for installing security systems and CCTV cameras, tunnel camera and light installing, urban roads lighing, billboard installing, capturing picture and movie at height in ceremonies and demonstrations, inspecting efinery equipments and indstries, shipbuilding projects like instecting equipments, repairing, painting and sandblasting, projects refer to building fascades and installing towers glass fascades, painting of buildings and industrial niches, loading and unloading containers and trailers, inspecting bridges, plowing and pruning trees, Aircraft maintenance and other projects at heights with the best and safest lift equipments in the Country.